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Messe- und Bühnenbau Frank Schäfer GmbH

The company was founded as a sole proprietorship by Frank Schäfer in 2007 and grew to become MBB Frank Schäfer GmbH (Limited Liability Company) in 2011.

An expert network

A network of experienced service technicians from a variety of branches, with different skills, expertise and qualifications, was developed in close cooperation with other sole proprietors. Absolute flexibility and reliability has been achieved over the years. The service technicians are structured in teams that regularly work together on contracts. This ensures a clear distribution of tasks which in turn guarantees a fast and efficient mode of operation.

MBB has promoted the continuous development of this structure to guarantee business partnerships based on trust, honesty and reliability. We constantly aim for even higher standards of quality and it is essential that our partners do so too.

Passion leads to success

The versatile construction service company offers outstanding contract management, passionate craftsmanship as well as an excellent knowledge of material science and engineering.

With up to 43 employees and a strong, efficient network of experts and specialists, MBB and its partners play a key role in your customers’ success.

Internationally active

Our international assignments have taken us to Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia and USA.

Messe- und Bühnenbau Frank Schäfer GmbH
Benefits for contractors
  • Professional advice with a qualified background
  • Utmost reliability, expertise and personal commitment
  • Employees are recruited on the basis of personal and professional skills and qualifications
  • Extensive network of partners to increase our range of services and offer you the best possible package
  • We partner many companies in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark
  • Cross-branch activity on an international scale
  • A full service partner through to successful project completion and/or provision of partial services
  • Clear and transparent fee structure with a fixed price or hourly rate.



We are a member of Creditreform
Our membership number: 303.056.324